zebra print nail design


zebra print nail design You can create some funky designs on your nails and use the fimo canes to add more elegance to them. There are many

unique designs in Fimo art canes ranging from simple flowers and hearts to animal stripes, butterfly wings, bee,

dragonfly, cat, cakes and much more to delight you with.It is important that your nails are properly shaped before you

start with nail art. Acrylic nails can also be used if you do not have long nails. You can use these designer fimo

canes on these acrylic nails too. You can also give a whole new look to your nails by wearing smart designs of nail art

that make use of dried flowers, ceramic animals, rhinestones and other accessories like danglers. Match up your nail

art design with your dress and look stunning.You can buy some great acrylic or ceramic flowers and use them on your

nails to create exclusive designs. Your nails will look beautiful and pretty and everyone would just keep looking at

the amazing piece of art you created on your own.

Paints combined with small stickers and fimo cane slices give a stunning look to your hands and feet and have become a

unique way of highlighting nails today. Make sure that you apply a base coat before you start making any designs on

your nails. You can create simple designs as well as complex geometrical designs using all these accessories. Floral

designs look good if you are going out for a formal party. If you are headed to a club for a friend's birthday bash,

try out some funky designs.

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