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pink nail designs acrylic nails The cosmetology industry is comprised of multiple facets and nail care is one major area of it. The knowledge and skills needed to be a part of the industry are available through specific educational programs designed around manicuring and nail design. Students can specialize in this area by seeking out the correct education from numerous manicuring and nail design schools.

Many areas of cosmetology schools require anywhere from one-year to two years of education. Manicuring and nail design takes considerably less time allowing students who are eager to step into the profession to do so. In general, most programs are certificate of achievement or completion. The educational process takes approximately six to nine months depending on the school. Students may find that some schools offer associate degree programs in cosmetology with a concentration in manicuring and nail design. Specific certification programs are the fastest and most comprehensive way to earn an education.

Manicurists and nail design specialists typically work through very similar educational paths and in today's fast paced field they are known as nail technicians. Certificate or diploma programs utilize this and combine all learning aspects of both to teach students how to be nail technicians. Completed schooling prepares students to provide all nail treatments available to clients. Students that complete a nail technician program learn how to provide treatments that include

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