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pink gel nail designs Spas and salons around the world are scrambling to find a manufacturer to fill the enormous demand for gel polishes.

With CND's (Creative Nail Design) release of Shellac, and the buzz that CND has generated, surrounding gel polishes.

Intrigued salon clients are seeking out this miracle manicure, and salons are now tasked with getting their hands on

Shellac or an alternative replacements such as Entity Colour Couture and Gellish.

Gel polish is quickly becoming one of today's fastest growing nail trends. Fast, quick and easy to apply, soak-off gel

polishes such as Shellac has been covered by many news stations, fashion and trade magazines. I love great new

products, and this seems to be one of them. I think as long as any product manufacturer, distributor, and salons are

responsible in their distribution of their innovative new products they have my, and many other consumers full support.

We in return hope that they pay it forward, and support the salons, and professionals within the industry with

educational support and not just marketing materials, and magazine covers.

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