nail designs for spring 2015


nail designs for spring 2015 Fashion does not exist in a vacuum. It is a culmination of colours, styles, cuts that has people excited for the opportunity

to wear those clothes. Even today, fashion has managed to trickle down to the most mainstream of consumers with the

overwhelming popularity of fast fashion brands.Yet, while many consumers and fashion experts are adept at describing the top

fashion trends of the season, many are left stumped when asked to explain the top colour trends in the industry with equal


Although stylists, fashion correspondents and other professionals in the industry are trained to decipher colour, few of them

talk about it to the public on a large scale. However, a fashion trend could not be born if it were not for colour. That is

because colour trends and structural trends go together in the world of fashion.Take a look at the trends projected for

spring/summer 2015. They are graphic, pop and garden. Now, all of those styles call for visually appealing and eye catching

colours to finish the look. Thus, it is no surprise that the biggest hues for next year are emerald, violet, turquoise,

creamsicle, aquamarine and a stronger version of blush.

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