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nail design studio First things first - you must get trained to be a professional nail technician. You can receive training at any number of establishments, so look in your local yellow pages for beauty or nail courses. Maybe working for someone is the next step, so as to gain experience.Once you are qualified and feel confident that you can hack it at fending for yourself in the business world, then proceed to the next step. If you feel that you can offer a service that clients are going to want to pay for, then the next step is to find a location.

You may decide that to go mobile is right up your street, in this case your overheads are going to be a lot lower than having a shop to look after.All to often you see budding entrepreneurs opening up right next to each other, this is great if there is enough business to go round. Don't expect to be able to undercut the competition and put them out of business - this isn't groceries and people don't always go for the cheapest.
You will have to do some research and try to find out how much potential business there is, find out from the local authorities the population and the ages and income. You must also have a 'good feeling' for a particular area.

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