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fall gel nail designs Every woman who loves her body loves her nails too. Taking care of the nails is easy; a regularly done manicure and

pedicure makes the nails healthy and strong and keeps them clean. To beautify your nails further, nail art is the best

way. Nail art has become famous in the recent years and its popularity is increasing.There are a lot of designs that

you can make on your finger nails and toe nails and one of the forms of nail art that has recently gathered many takers

is the Fimo nail art.

In this nail art form, the polymer clay is used in the form of thin slices. Available in different sizes, colors and

designs, these chips or slices are soft and fine and used to decorate nails. The canes of polymer are sliced using a

razor so that perfect slices can be achieved.Creating designs using fimo art is not easy. Creative designs are

difficult to make and need professional designers to make them. However, you too can make simple ones if you try and

have a look at some of the pictures available online. The designs can range from simple hearts to even detailed fruits

and vegetables. The designs when embedded into nails with the help of paints and brushes look fabulous and enhance the

beauty of the hands further.

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