fall acrylic nail designs


fall acrylic nail designs A great feature of gels that isn't too common with other false nail enhancements is that you can use tips for your gel

nails until your natural nail grows out to your desired length. Once your natural nail has grown out to that point, you

will then have long strong natural nails that are simply reinforced and fortified by uv cured gels. Although gels may

be more difficult and time consuming to remove than acrylics, you don't have to worry about them being permanently

attached to your nails forever because they can be removed in about 30 minutes with acetone or a special gel remover.

Why you would ever want to remove your nails though is an absolute mystery to me, because with your ability to have

thin flexible beautiful stronger nails is just fabulous.

One tip to remember if you are applying your own gel nails is to make sure that you wipe your nail with an acetone pad

directly before applying the gel. The acetone helps to remove any natural oils from your nail and once the acetone has

evaporated the gel nails will adhere much more readily and for a longer period then if you do not remove your natural

nail oils.

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