Easy Winter Nail Designs


Easy Winter Nail Designs, Ellie purchased a large vinyl banner ad to hang over her local store promoting the competition dates. Clients were encouraged to guide an appointment with one of five competing artists to receive a great avant-garde nail design. In return they received a free manicure/pedicure that they could use at Twinkle later in the year. Pictures have been taken of each design and also the shop clientele were able to choose their favorite design. The nail bed artists were charged using referring new business and traveling new clientele into the beauty parlor to vote for their layouts.

The competition received a tremendous reaction. Each artist booked ten appointments, which led to fifty entries total, 38 which were new clients referred via seeing the banner or even word-of-mouth.Easy Winter Nail Designs The voting procedure became a bit complicated inside the store so Kim chose to take the voting online for you to Sparkle's website and social-networking pages. The banner simply cost $150, made sure to not include specific dates from the design, Kim will be able to utilize it for future competitions.

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