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camouflage nail designs Games set up like real life military missions offer the chance to get lost in the scenario; forgetting you are only playing paintball, the adrenaline is much higher and the play is much more fun. Tactical scenario paintball will only allow total immersion however if your gear is as realistic as possible. When shopping for the best equipment, you have the choice of how authentic you want to get by choosing paintball guns that are life like replicas of real rifles, camouflage gear and high tech accessories. Depending on how far you're willing to push the envelope (and how much you're willing to spend), you can show up at the battlefield like a special ops paintball ninja decked out with the latest weapons and accessories for an experience you will never forget!

When it comes to paintball gear, there are lots of items you'll need and want but the main piece is your marker. For a total immersion into the world of scenario paintball, choose a paintball marker that's a realistic replica of a rifle or machine gun used in actual combat. Fortunately, there are tons to choose from, allowing you to not only cater to both your sense of style but also the position you play on the field. If you prefer the fast action of close quarter fighting seen on the front lines, choose a compact paintball sub machine gun for speed and mobility. If you'd rather pick your shots from a safer distance, sniper paintball rifles are fun to shoot and much more accurate if you like a stealthy advantage. If you want to keep your options open, try an M4 carbine replica dressed up with the coolest accessories to roam the field and be effective from both close or distant ranges.

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