Amazing Nail Designs


Amazing Nail Designs Very first use an electric file using a coarse bit or rough grit hand file to get rid of loose acrylic product by around the cuticle line. After that rough-up the remaining acrylic till the shine is gone. Acrylic will certainly bond to acrylic when it is rough. Second, thin out your smile line growth JUST with coarse file. 3rd, fill in the cuticle region with the same acrylic you actually used before.

Fourth, location a ball of very clear acrylic and iridescent rubber stamps in the valley you developed. Feather both sides of the polymer-bonded mix into the nail bed colouring and over what is left over on the blue colored acrylic making a fade effect. Placing a mixture of clear acrylic and big glitters between the nail bed colour and the blue color silicone resin design will help blend both different colors during this transitional time period.

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